Who We Are

With over 25 years work experience at the intersection of telecoms and travel, we understand the complexities and frustration, facing US-inbound travelers in search of the most affordable solution while in the United States. Well, look no further my friends for we created the most economical plans exclusively for international students and works in the United States.

J1SIMcards is a wireless solution designed specifically and exclusively for travelers on a VISA, who may be studying or working in the U.S.A.. Our services cater to all manner of travelers from summer work-study to full year au pair and degree programs. In addition to eliminating contracts and credit checks we also eliminated the high usage fees typically associated with non-contract prepaid service.

With the international calling feature, we have eliminated international call charges to many destinations from Mexico and Canada to Ireland, France, all of western Europe really, as well as India Australia and China to name a few more. We also know it’s not always convenient to reach friends and family on their landlines (what’s a landline?) so unlike most competitors we don’t just stop at landlines but include mobile phone termination as well, to over 30 countries and growing.

Nationwide coverage, blazing fast 4GLTE, unlimited data use at 2.5G and 3G, all supported by T-Mobile’s  award winning customer service and all available to you. So welcome to America and welcome to J1 SIM cards!

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